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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Soiree rehearsal and new recipe

Earlier today I had a rehearsal with piano for the benefit soiree that takes place tonight on behalf of the Helena Symphony. I met pianist Judith Diana at St. Paul’s United Methodist Church, a beautiful new church in town, with beautiful light wooden floors, huge windows letting in a lot of light, some well placed stained glass windows, and a nice piano. It was fun, and the music selected certainly helped - the Swan, the Scherzo from the Shostakovich Sonata, a tango by Francini, Vocalise by Rachmaninov, Valse Sentimentale by Tchaikovsky, Dimitrescu. I especially had fun with the tango, which I have not done in a long time, since I actually recorded it for my first CD in the 90's. In addition I will play two solos: Bach's first Prelude and Flamenca by Rogelio Huguetty Tagell (sometimes spelled Tahel). I cannot believe, there is no information on this composer, nothing in Grove, nothing on the Internet, nothing in Music in Print. This piece is part of a whole solo cello suite, and I found the printed version at the Free Library of Philadelphia, along two other pieces by him. But nothing else, nationality, dates.

Last night I went to Albertson's, one of the grocery stores here, and got some food for lunches/dinners, if I want stay in. So, I improvised this appetiser which is very tasty. Try it: Bread (or toast, even better), black caviar (I used Romanoff) and avocado. You may want to mush the avocado, spread it on the bread and then put the caviar on top (no salt needed). Perhaps a drop of lemon would give it a kick.


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